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STEM Career - Programming!

This video is a great introduction to programming. These jobs will be plentiful and they look like fun.Be open minded to a career in programming (or another STEM career). If you LOVE English and history, then consider a double major. Take your time with your education if you have it. :)

Struggle for Smarts?

I have had this article saved on my computer for quite sometime. This NPR report spoke about a study on the difference between "embracing struggle" as part of the learning process between eastern and western cultures.

"In Eastern cultures, Stigler says, it's just assumed that struggle is a predictable part of the learning process. Everyone is expected to struggle in the process of learning, and so struggling becomes a chance to show that you, the student, have what it takes emotionally to resolve the problem by persisting through that struggle."
I wavered on whether or not to share it with my students as I don't want to give them the impression that they don't work hard. My students work very hard... though they sometimes give up on solving a problem if they path to solving it isn't immediately clear.

One thing I did change the day I heard this report: I let students work more often in groups to figure out a new concept instead of me modelings first…

Be Practical About your Future! Study math!

I shared this article with my students back in October. It discusses recent findings from about the top earning professions. Twenty-eight of the top thirty jobs requires math! I tell my students every year about this time when we are deciding on which math course they should take next year, to keep their minds open to a major that might require math and to not close doors to a STEM career at age 14.

I often share my math in college story. My very first class at UCSD was a calculus class. I am sure my professor was a brilliant mathematician, but he was a lousy teacher, especially when compared to the dedicated and passionate teachers that I was fortunate enough to have when I was in high school. My calculus professor didn't turn around from the board once during his hour lecture, spoke with a heavy accent and wasn't at all engaging. Only after reading the section from our textbook did I realize that he was explaining an integral, something I had learned the year b…

This could be you!

Story Corp -A Life Defined Not By Disability, But Love

When I heard this report on NPR recently (February 8), I thought of how hard it is to be in middle school. I remember feeling insecure about how I looked or how I sounded when I tried to speak up in class. I took for granted that my parents were supportive and available, though I still felt embarrassed by them. The love between this mother and daughter is amazing. I am impressed by the daughter's maturity and compassion. We all have a lot to learn from her example.

Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart?

Are you a worrier or a warrior?  Your DNA might have something to do with it.
Check out this article from the New York Times.