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Discovering Radius/Chord Relationship

Today my geometry kiddos used our favorite Geogebra to construct a line through the center of a circle that is perpendicular to a chord.

1. Draw a circle
2. Draw a chord (use a segment)
3. Construct a line through the center of the circle that is perpendicular to the chord.

4. Add a point at the intersection of the line and the chord; measure the segments.
5. What do you notice?

Make a conjecture and publish via digital portfolio.

Homework Circles

The following post can also be seen on Chalkup.

I stand at the door of my classroom, greeting my 6th period algebra students as they peel themselves from the herd of middle schoolers thundering down the hallway. As my last student makes his way to me and we exchange hellos, inside the classroom, students are already taking their binders from their enormous backpacks while continuing their conversations. Without prompting, their conversations shift to discussing the homework. “Hey did you get number three?” asked one student to her seat partner. Before her partner can answer, another overhears and eagerly jumps in to point out what she did in order to get number three correct. On the other side of the room another student, the appointed classroom manager, takes her completed homework to the front of the room where a document camera is on and ready to project. Seeing her, students quiet. She asks, “Does anyone have any questions?” Hands shoot up and a student requests to see number thre…

NAIS 2016 Recap

What I love about conferences, is having the time to reflect on best practices and hearing stories that I wouldn’t normally encounter in my usual day to day. NAIS2016 did not disappoint - I attended sessions that will inform how I relate to others and think about school for years to come. I also heard talks that while not clearly about school, challenged my thinking and broadened my perspective.

The conference was also a time to spend with friends and colleagues at other schools. I reconnected with my Klingenstein cohort and chatted with former colleagues. Catching up with old friends feeds my soul and also counts at professional development as we invariably spend our time talking shop and sharing what we’ve been learning. The teachers that I love not only share my dedication to lifelong learning, but also enjoying sharing realizations and asking for ideas on working through challenges.

I was at the conference Wednesday - Friday and will summarize my major take aways.

Wednesday aftern…