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(new to me) Web Tools I'm Excited to use...

My favorite Web Tools that I learned this week at CUE Rock tar Camp, drum roll please...Using Google Forms to create instant feedback quiz (share-able study guides)
ThingLink - make images interactive - think: a poster that talks, plays music, video, has links
Lino It - web based sticky board for discussion and collaboration
Use Google Forms to sort student work

While at the conference, I had time to think more about all the cool apps and websites there are for our students to use. It is overwhelming! In my former life as a history teacher, I could organize these (mostly paper and pencil) options in a list so they could have choices for completing projects. The list (mostly stolen from the internet) has everything from Make a Bumper Sticker to Film a Music Video. These days I'm teaching Algebra and the opportunities for projects are fewer. At the same time, the internet and mobile devices continue to revolutionize learning, so my List of Ways to Show you Know needed to change. What …