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One Month More...

This was fun to organize...

I am lucky to work where I work! I have talented colleagues who are willing to spend their free time creating  a fun memory for our students.

Take a look at the lyrics and hear our polished version on the song here. 

#westsideproblem: I take for granted that my students are motivated

So working at a prestigious school on the west side of LA means that I don't face some typical challenges faced by most middle school math teachers. For example, my students don't lack motivation. I have been sitting on this blog post for two months, meaning to post something about it or at least discuss it with colleagues and students, but working where I work, I have been busy organizing a staff musical number instead.

Anyways, the research is a decade old, but the message is clear. When students aren't motivated they don't engage in school. When students don't engage in school, they are less likely to graduate, less likely to instantly become excellent, independent, happy contributors to society (yes I too became a teacher to "make a difference").

While we can't control all the socio-economic factors at play in students' lives, we can try to come up with ways to motivate students while they are at school. The Forbes article narrows the focus to…

The Power of Positive Thinking

In the classroom and in life, I am continually frustrated by negative attitudes, so much so that I have the following rule in my syllabus: Never say "I hate math".

I strive to encourage my students to see what is possible and not to get bogged down by what is challenging. For example, instead of saying, that they are bad at fractions, I make them repeat that they need practice with fractions and remind them that saying is believing.

I love reading this parenting blog - Short Fat Dictator. Not only is it is hilarious, but it describes my own home life as a mom of two small kids pretty accurately.

I hope that this post about the writer's confident two year old will inspire my middle school students to start each day with this question:
"I wonder how many good things are going to happen before bed today?"