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SBG is coming along

Today I am thankful for long two year old naps, my husband, kids programming on Netflix (new Daniel Tiger!) and a seamless, early bedtime.

Why? Because I had time and made a lot of headway on my To Do List...

I updated one syllabus and adjusted my lesson calendar for Algebra. I made a more attractive front page for my Canvas site with colorful links, as well as do a bit of boring file maintenance on canvas, the most interesting of which was creating a Create & Reflect (Blog) module to group all the prompts, tips and assignments.
BTW these buttons were NOT easy to make. I used word art in publisher and saved each as a photo.
Anyways, the more relevant progress I made was Standards Based Grading related. I am already committed to Active Grade. I watched most of the videos on their helpful Youtube channel. Still though, this decision did not prevent multiple sleepless nights spent with mind racing, consumed by crazy spreadsheets. Tonight I am hopeful that I can go to bed and stay asleep until at least 5 am. :)

Here is what I have (so far). I am sure this won't be helpful to many. I am mainly looking for feedback from the teachers who have been doing this a while.

Algebra Learning Targets... though I want a better spreadsheet like Lisa.

Geometry Learning Targets (through the first quarter and the spreadsheet needs help)

An Idea for how to keep track when I am grading (won't be given to students):
An info-graphic to explain things to kids and parents:

An Explanation of the levels of mastery (this is still in progress and shamelessly plagiarized from many sources online):
I don't really like "secure" and I would like to polish my descriptions a bit.
I think I can go to bed now, though there will always be more to do...