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I have even more respect for 180 Bloggers

While I was not officially trying to start a 180 blog... more like I was planning on blogging occasionally, I still take a photo of my agenda everyday and photos just need to be published. Hence, my thought to blog occasionally became a secret goal to blog daily, or almost daily. This wishy-washy goal for blogging resulted in almost a month of zero blog action. I can't just blame the weak goal setting - like all of us, my free periods are spent helping kids, planning, meeting, eating, making lists online, making lists on post-its and especially implementing standards based grading for Algebra.

Things have improved on the SBG front. I used to grade assessments a page at a time. Now I grade one student at a time which I think helped to make grading the unit 2 tests go faster. But because part of my plan involves frequent skill checks that need a quick turn around for grading and because I am still learning how to use Active Grade, I can't call myself an efficient Standards Based Grader (yet).

Yesterday was Day 29 of the school year (we were all on retreat last week). I have fill in notes that I use every year for the topic of horizontal and vertical lines, but this year I am continuing my goal of having more fun and doing more exploration in class.

Here is my agenda for the day:
Working on graphing + 2 blog posts

I had a review question (graphing by intercepts) waiting for them for "bell work" which was followed by an exploration of graphing horizantal and vertical lines.

I explained that I would give them clues about graphing a line. 

The first clue I gave them was I wrote "x = -4" which was followed by questions about how to plug in zero for y when there is no y (they adhere to protocol nicely).

I answered, "there is no y in this equation, x is -4..."

<long pause>

"X is always -4."
my kid <3  white boards.
They caught on. They chose two ordered pairs and calculated slope.

We repeated the process for y =1.

Then, I told them to increase the slope of the line of y = 1 by 1 unit but to keep the y-intercept the same....

After repeating my clues 5 times, they ended up with graphing y = x +1.

How about that? The slope is the coefficient of x and the y intercept is the constant term.... Go figure!

For next year, I think I will change the slope to 2.

I can't just let all these agenda photos go to waste?! Here are a selection of pictures from Days 15 - 28. :P As I look them over now, I like seeing growth activities, like correcting assessments and taking learning target checks, aka skill quizzes, aka LTC. I also like that work on digital portfolios is constant. I want to improve by planning more games, less lecture, more Prbl tasks.

I have about 135 total class days each year. Today was day 30. 105 left to make it happen.