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Back to School Day 2015

It was so nice to meet my new students' parents and say hello to former students' parents on Saturday. Back to school day is always a joyful, energizing day, though rushed too as I attempt to fit a 20 minute presentations into 10 minute slots!

In addition to introducing myself and discussing course content, I want parents to know why I teach the way I do. It is difficult to explain problem based learning, game based learning, digital portfolios, mindfulness, neuro-plasticity, cognitive science backed learning strategies, growth mindset and standards based grading in 10 minutes... From my experience the last few years, it is actually impossible! Hence, writing a blog post to sum it all up is on my to do list.

For parents who missed my break-neck speed presentations, or for those who want to check out the information again, they are below.

I am looking forward to a great year of learning with your kiddos!