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More Digital Portfolio Fun

My Algebra students are finishing a unit on slope and graphing linear equations. Each unit has a project and for this one, they summarized their projects by creating Prezi or Jing videos.

"The Race" ran by Mr. Solid and Ms. Dash was represented by the following graph.

They were asked to calculate the slopes of each segment and express their answers as unit rates. They also had to answer a few questions such as when the runners were in the same location and who was ahead at a given time.

My favorite part of the project is the task of summarizing the race like a sportscaster. In years past, they would write a paragraph. This year, they had to create a multi-media presenation and put it on their blogs!

Here is what their prompt looked like:

Algebra Blog Post #4
Describe the race like a sportscaster. Write a story that describes what is happening in the race according to the sections below. You will record yourself reading this story aloud.
Watch this for inspiration:   Start the video at 3:30.
  • Use fun synonyms for run, fast, slow and walk (thoughtful online thesaurus use).
  • Add color commentary too. Invent their back stories!
  • Practice before you record! Be spirited, energetic (and perhaps humorous?) in your announcing.
Your blog post will be a narrated presentation divided into 5 sections. For each section, include images found online (, clip art or your own original drawings that go along with what is happening in the race. It might be helpful to think of this as a comic strip that you are showing (and narrating) one box at a time.
Sections (paths, slides, etc)
  1. The Race Starts
  2. Action up until and including Point F.
  3. What is happening over segments FG, FC and CD.
  4. What is happening over segments GH and DE
  5. The Finish Line (who wins, reactions, etc)
*In your description, you should not mention the segment names as it wouldn’t make sense in the commentary.
Tech Requirements
  1. Create slide show using Google Presentations + Screen Recording using Jing (or another screen recording app) on your computer.

 Create a Prezi. This will require that you record your audio commentary in 5 separate files (easy to do using Audacity, Quicktime, Sound Recorder, Ios Voice Recorder or You will upload the sound file to each path (click “add voice over to Path”). Add an image(s) to each path. This website will help you with the sound.
Consider fun sound effects? Use copyright friendly effects from killer tracks. See a librarian for username and password.
Haiku Deck on the Ipad – I haven’t used this app before, but I think that it can do what we want.
 2. Embed your Prezi or your Jing video to your blog. Help with embedding prezi.

Outstanding Submissions: