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Next Blog Post: Make a Concept Poster

My algebra students' next blog assignment will be to create a concept poster online for Writing Linear Equations. I am going to suggest they use Google Drawing or Glogster. Any other ideas for embed capable online poster making?

Here is the prompt:

Alg Blog Post #5
Use this blog post to explain key concepts of chapter 5:
You will write your own linear function and show it in all forms.
You will use an equation editor like Daum, an online graphing tool like Desmos and an online poster tool like google drawing or Glogster. If you end up using other tools, let me know what you use so I can share new information with your classmates.
1.       Come up with your function. You will start with two points.

Your first point will be determined by your birthday:
x = the month of your birth and y = the day of the month of your birth

Your second point will be determined by your mom or dad’s birthday (pick one).
x = the month of parent birth and y = the day of the month parent birth
*** If you parent was born in either the same month or same day, then either use the other parent or increase the # by 1. No vertical or horizontal lines allowed!
a.       Write your two points as ordered pairs.
b.      Find the slope, showing the sub-in step.

2.       Write your equation in point-slope form and label it as such
3.       Write your equation in slope-intercept form and label it as such.
4.       Write your equation in Standard Form and label it as such.
5.       Use Desmos to graph your equation and label the x and y intercepts on the graph.

Save all elements as pictures. I suggest you put them all in one folder.
Make an online poster of all of these elements and embed it on your blog.

See my sample here