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Geogebra Sample Blog Post

My geometry students are going to use Geogebra to construct a quadrilateral (based on its definition) for their next blog post.

Problem: I couldn't see the embedded applet when using Chrome when I first started. Then magically, it worked.

Here is a link to the prompt.

Here is my sample:

I made a parallelogram by drawing a line, and then the line parallel to it. I repeated the process and then connected where the lines intersected. The resulting polygon is a parallelogram.

If a quadrilateral has both pairs of opposite sides parallel, then it is a parallelogram.

As you can see above, no matter how you drag around the diagram, the following remains true:
AB and CD bisect each other

BC \\ AD
BD \\ AC
m<CBA = m<CAD
m<BDA = m<ACB