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Next Blog Post for my Algebra kiddos

We are midway through a unit on inequalities. My favorite inequality related topic is Linear Programming. In class after spring break we will  do this, an in class investigation using farm expenses as our subject matter. For more examples, see here.

In previous years, I'd call it a day after the "project" and move on to Radicals. Now I am committed to engaging my students more with assignments that will both get them to think and make for good posts to their digital portfolios. My idea is to have them write and solve their own linear programming problem in teams of 2. See my prompt for the assignment below. I welcome feedback. I am a little worried that I am not giving them enough to go in regards to researching and writing their problem.

I will report back with samples after they do the assignment.

Linear Programming Bloject

So now that you have had practice with linear programming, your next objective is to create your own problem. What is interesting to you? Think about what you would like to sell? You should use the internet to research reasonable costs, prices and limits.

If you need an examples, look at your Inequalities Unit project, page 47 - 50 in the packet or here.

1. Must have at least 5 constraints
a. 2 will keep both variables positive
b. at least 2 should involve both variables
c. at least 1 should constrain only one variable

2. Objective Function should either seek to maximize profit or minimize cost. It should be written in terms of both variables.

3. Must have a graph with each constraint inequality labeled. Label the x & y axes with the variable definition.

4. List the vertices of the region. Remember you may need to solve a system to find a vertex.

5. Test each vertex in your objective function, showing the results for each.

6. Presentation:
a. Start your blog post with a 2 - 3 sentence introduction to the assignment, each partner should write their own introduction.
b. State the problem as it would appear in a textbook or handout.
c. Type all inequalities and equations, using an equation editor
1) Define variables
2) Constraint Inequalities
3) List of region vertices
4) Test of each vertex with objective function
d. Use desmos for your graph, label each function, label x and y axes
e. Clearly state your answer
f. Must include an image or two that goes with the theme of your problem
g. You have choice as to how you publish this on your blog. Either you can upload the images directly to blogger or organize them in a google presentation, prezi, haiku deck, glogster,,, etc. For more ideas click here. If you would like to try something new, by all means! Just run it by me first just in case. I don’t think a video would be appropriate for this assignment.
h. This is a partner project. Make sure you divide the work equitably and remember that both of you need to have a complete blog post on your individual blogs.


  1. @KimStichnote here. I really like this and would like to use it if you don't mind. I would add two things, a peer assessment piece and I would have the kids make contact with someone in the business industry that so.d their product to get an idea of profit or cost. Since your kids would be blogging about it, they could highlight what they liked about their peers work. A public shout out. Where do your kids have their blogs? Do you have blog posts about setting up your class blogs? Thanks for the project.


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