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Day 1

Today was FAST. 20 minute classes. I did not introduce myself or memorize names or read my syllabus or teach a lesson or do a get to know you activity... all of which are decent (well except read syllabus aloud) ways to spend that all important first day of school.

I taught two procedures:

Jazz hand = slow down

Pat head = I need to go potty

And, I introduced and help them set up their math blogs. We are a GAFE school so my students (like me) use blogger.

I went through these steps with them:

1. Sign into blogger with your HW google drive account
2. Give your blog a catchy name and appealing background. Leave out personal details like your last name, the name of the school, your soccer team’s name, address, etc
3. Under settings, edit the description of your blog. Same advice as above regarding personal details.
4. Under settings, comments/posts, change the show word verification to off.
5. Under settings, mobile & email, enter your email address in the box for Comment notification email so that you will know when I leave you feedback.
6. Template, customize, adjust width to have more room
7. Save, publish.
8. Click view blog. Copy the web address and paste it <here> 
They submit their links in two ways: a Google form and through Canvas, our school's chosen LMS, as an assignment. Last year I really struggled with grading blogs efficiently and I am excited about how easy it is to create rubrics and grade in Canvas using Speed Grader. 

So my 14th first day of school as a teacher is behind me. If our first day schedule was different, I would have done somethings differently, but overall it was a very good day. :)