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Day 7

Today was my first Algebra class of the new year that was fun.

I guess I equate fun with busy. It was a packed 40 minutes! One reason it was fun: we played the Whiteboard-Stamp game (Thank you Lisa)...

 ...and they got to work on their digital portfolios. Currently they are creating one variable word problems with a partner. Next week, I will assign other students to solve the problems created by their classmates. 

Here is the prompt:

With your partner, create a word problem with three subjects that is solvable with one variable. See pages 21 -23 of your packet for inspiration. 
Be sure to solve it a few times before posting it!
When you are both confident that your problem works, each of you will post it to your blog.
1. Creative Title
2. Problem that works (not too easy and not impossible)
3. An image
4. a link to your partner's blog

Oh and the day was made EVEN better because our GAFE admin unlocked the chrome web store for students, so my kiddos got to add Daum Equation Editor to chrome. YES!