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Day 56: Kids like Cookies

Any lesson that ends with eating cookies is a winner.

We scratched the surface of the Double Stuffed Oreo question today in my Algebra classes. We made the double stuff assumption, solved the system and tested it with the Triple Double data.

Multiple students said things like, "I'm questioning my entire childhood!" Oh drama. #middleschool

My handout.

We really just scratched the surface of this. I am in awe of how thoroughly this question has been investigate by...

Chris D.
Chris L.
Dan A.


  1. I tried commenting from my iPad unsuccessfully. Here goes from my laptop

    I discussed this Oreo problem with a science colleague at the beginning of the year. Being a science teacher, her approach was to do a lab experiment. What she and her students concluded was that there is a difference in the nature of the chocolate cracker rather than a difference in the filling. I notice that every math attempt (I steered her to Christopher Danielson's discussion of the problem) starts with the assumption of a static nature of the cook ire wafers. Might be a great cross-curricular examination for you and your students. In any case, it would give you another reason to share oreos!

    1. I agree that would be interesting. I am pressed for time though (I have about 130 class sessions a year - 40 minutes each), so I don't have a lot of time to spend gathering data. Check out the link to Julie's math club experience with this above. Thank you for reading and for the feedback. :)

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