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Day 65: Space Race

I have had "make fun review game for algebra kiddos" on my to do list all week. I have a few review games in my back pocket thanks to the Mtbos (White-board stamp game, Solve-crumple-tosszombie grudge, speed-dating), but I wanted something new.

In usual fashion, I procrastinated. I came in this morning thinking that we would play zombie grudge or have a color war, but instead, inspired by Rockstar Math Teacher, I used Socrative.

In 15 minutes, I had a worksheet transformed into a Socrative quiz. In class, they used white boards and we did the space race option which randomly teams up the students. As usual, the winning team got to raid my prize barrel.

I was genuinely surprised by much fun the students had with this activity. Who knew that watching your rocket ship inch its way across the screen could be so motivating?

If you want a socrative that reviews solving systems, including special cases and word problems, import with this code: SOC-14218779