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Digital Portfolio Update: Geometry Photo Safari 2015

I like this project because it gets students looking for what we learn in class outside of class. It also gets them writing creatively and is a cumulative record of all the theorems they've learned this year.

I have assigned this for many years, initially with students handing in actual photos in albums,  and have steadily made improvements.  Last year's improvement was having the students publish their safari journals on their blogs as it was my first year having students create math blogs.This year I added the rubric and the google presentation requirement.

For next year, I would like to work with the English Department to make the writing assignment portion better. Perhaps we can research the literary requirements of a quest to help them to write better stories? Honestly, I am not sure why a lot of their stories are wanting. Does the geometry make it seem contrived? Are they waiting until the last minute to write? Did I not spend enough time talking about how to write a story with continuity and a decent conflict? Perhaps it is a little of all three.

One of the things I love about teaching is its potential for growth. There's always next year...

See prompt here

See Rubric here




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