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Photo Safari Blojects 2014

I have assigned a photo safari to my Geometry students for several years.

The prompt is predictable: Go see geometry in the real world. Take at least 10 pictures of 10 different concepts we have learned this year. Present them alongside ten if-then definitions and label your pictures with diagrams.

Initially I received photo albums, like actual photo albums.

Last year I had students turning them in via prezi or tumblr (they have since removed their links) or power point (I know, very fancy).

This year was my first year requiring all of my students to create a digital portfolio for math. As such, the geometry photo safari project blossomed (blog + awesome = blossom).

Here is the prompt.

Here are my favorite submissions for 2014:

Nate - who also uses his blog to display his comical side
Russell - who really got into the story side of things
Sophie & Phoebe - who went the video route
Lily - great, subtle sense of humor