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Always choose Tacos

Tomorrow will mark the end of mt first two weeks in New York. My family arrives this evening. I am both incredibly excited for their arrival and a teensy bit nervous about balancing the workload with my desire to spend time with them (BTW apparently "teensy" isn't a word but "weensy" is - what's with that?). Today then seems to be the shift from being a mom set loose in the big city to learn and grapple with being alone to being a busy mom trying both to learn and have fun with Dave and the kiddos.

It seemed appropriate then to take a break from writing the 10 page ethics paper to write a blog post. Somehow I have become a person who takes a break from writing to write something else.

I mentioned in my last two posts that things have been making more sense. Yesterday, our class on ethics ended and I am no longer in a quandary over ethics, or rather I am at peace with its vagueness. I finally have a sense as to the possible meaning(s) of the word aesthetic and like the idea of ethics as a path to human flourishing. I will not be entering the field, but I no longer want to hide under my desk. Our class on negotiations also ended. I think everyone in our group will miss it. We discovered so much about our own communication style and the dynamics of conversations given the variety of personalities. As such, we had, to borrow a favorite word from our professor, "rich" discussions on how we can use negotiation skills in our lives and careers. Things got real. I am appreciative of my classmates' receptivity and willingness to share.

The only other thing on my mind is tacos. My cohort went out for tacos last night and I didn't join them because I wanted to start my paper. I don't know how to balance being social with finishing the work. If I were to pose this dilemma to my ethics professor, she perhaps would ask which choice would have created a better experience? The tacos.

Stairs to the main campus

The beautiful results of our class discussion on aesthetic

Not a great picture of me, but I asked a security guard to take my picture because I was struck by how much my tie-dye/birkenstock look did not fit in with the busy city.

Trader Joes is right off the 1 subway. I loaded up on snacks for the kids this morning.