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Phase 2

Dave and the kids are here. I think I spent all of Friday evening cuddling their faces, smelling their hair and telling them how much I had missed them. Having finished the big paper, we spent the weekend exploring the city: Central Park, the Village, 9/11 Memorial, Brooklyn, the High-line and Wil's favorite, the subway.

I started two new classes - Privatization and Research - both are, surprise, heavy on the reading. This experience is challenging my ability to process vast amounts of information, stay up late, write efficiently, participate (at all - not going for eloquent at this point), and my confidence overall.

I am grateful for my spouse. He has supported me from the moment I thought of applying, cared for the kids in my absence, carted them all over the city via stroller and subway (with a backpack loaded with their supplies), cooked meals, proof-read papers and provided much needed reassurance. <3