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Back in LA

I have been home for two weeks. It has been a quick transition to reality, both in regard to family and school. Today is my last day as summertime stay at home mom so I don't want to take up too much time writing a long, thoughtful post. Instead I will share my to do list:

Finish interleaving algebra problem sets
Watch Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast with the kiddos everyday
Make posters for both of the classrooms I will be teaching in this year
Write PD grants for conferences that I want to attend
Finish presentations for back to school workshops
Decisively answer continual requests to watch a show or to have snacks
Swim everyday with kiddos
Host casual dance parties to the music from Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast
Finish writing learning targets for Geometry and make the course more fun
Buy fancy shades for windows
Renew passport
Sign kids up for soccer
Make family photo book for 2014
Clean the house (lol)
Plan a trip to Lego Land
Plan play-dates for the kids
Work on grad school research project
Work on grad school practicum project
Paint pictures with Penny
Tickle Will
Celebrate 11th anniversary with the hubby
Find a babysitter for 8/21
Schedule time to see family, friends, maybe go camping?
Read (Creating Cultures of Thinking, Human Side of School Change, Thinking Fast & Slow)
Go to the beach
Exercise and become a real vegan
Do I want to use Interactive Notebooks?
Improve my SBG system and use SBG in geometry