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What will this day be like...? I wonder....?

So tomorrow is the first day of school. I am at the point in my to do list when it is time for me to let some things go - I can't do everything I'd like to on day 1.

I did make a presentation to explain Standards Based Grading. Inspired by Bowman, This prezi gives a basic overview of what SBG is, why I use it and how it will work for my students.

Apparently in my post grad school haze I completely missed the TMC15 inspired month of blogging (Blaugust). I also missed discussion on all the awesome things people learned at TMC15, including using my favorite read of 2014 - Make It Stick both to structure class and as a teaching tool. Julie R. blogged about how she plans to teach her classes strategies from the book and even shared resources for doing so (which I plan on stealing and using).

I also missed several Global Math Department webinars including this one on suggestions for the first day of school.

So now that I am catching up on what I missed, my to do list is growing and growing... as the day creeps toward the afternoon, and the kiddos requests to go swimming increase, I will have to settle for making a public list of intentions rather than actually accomplishing things by tomorrow.

Things I want to do:

1. Write a personal mission statement blog post on my goals for teaching and learning
2. Make a Mindsets Socrative - like Lisa (or make it a Chalk Talk?) and use Mindsets handout that my grad prof gave me
3. Make a Getting to Know you (getting to know all about you) Google Form
4. Plan to use the newly found resources on Make it Stick with my students
5. Dedicate a day to teach Mindfulness inspired breathing and yoga exercises to students
6. Organize ALL my favorite articles and resources into folders on my Gdrive
7. Continue updating my algebra problem sets so that they are interleaved
8. Think more about how SBG will work this year in Geometry
9. Plan on having all my classes write community norms (via a card sort)
10. Memorize my students' names from their photos
11. Think more about my grad school practicum

So what will actually happen tomorrow?

I will sing I Have Confidence from Sound of Music on my way to work. I will attend opening convocation with the entire school and delight in the energizing effect of seeing students. I will show my students how to start their digital portfolios. They will write their math Autobiographies for homework. I will take my son to his school picnic as part of his preparations for starting kindergarten. My 15th first day of school (as a teacher) will be over and the school year will begin.