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Back to School Night Ideas with GMD

Tonight I presented in a webinar with Global Math Department for the first time. I always find it strange to teach or talk to a computer screen. It's hard to present dynamically without being able to make eye contact with the audience.

That aside, I presented what I usually do at back to school night - which is a jammed pack 10 minutes of class information & requirements, my teaching philosophy, the rationale behind blogging in math class and explaining how standards based grading works. It isn't ideal, but it is my only chance to explain how my class works to parents.

I also gave a few ideas for alternatives - talking about math anxiety, brain based learning strategies and having parents experience a lesson.

What I really liked about participating in the webinar, was getting ideas from my co-presenters (@MsDiMaria and @algebrainiac1) and from the participants. How had I not heard about Which One Doesn't Belong?!

Check out the recording below.

My slides with links are here...