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Amplify Tablet

I have been trying to use the Ipad for a while in my class. I use it as a slate to write on so that I can be mobile while teaching. A few of our students have them too. They use them to take notes and look up terms. Next year our school is implementing a 1:1 program and laptops were selected as the device. Laptops are more powerful than Ipads, but lack the ability to be ready in a moment's notice (static drive) and more importantly for my math class, don't allow students to write on them like I can with my Ipad or with my tablet PC.

This new tablet looks amazing! It is designed for the classroom. It looks like it make managing the classroom pretty seamless as well. While it may have more limits when compared to a laptop as far as creating spreadsheets or editing music or movies, it looks easy to use. If teachers are new to integrating technology, they will be MUCH more likely to use it if all students have the same device and if it is easy to use.