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Geometry Photo Safari Online Submission

My students were asked to take photos of ten different concepts that we have learned this year in geometry, annotate them and add a conditional statement that describes each concept. The easiest way to do this project is with an Iphone or Ipad.

Check out this submission via Tumblr.

Here is the assignment handout:

Geometry Photo Safari
Walk around and look at everything with an eye for geometry. Do you see a staircase or do you see parallel lines?
1.       Pick ten theorems or definitions from anything we have learned this year.
2.       Photograph an example of each in the real world
a.       use your mobile device or check out a camera from the library
b.      do not create a concept with objects – see below
3.       Enhance each photo with a diagram to clarify the concept being shown
4.       Write an appropriate if-then definition below each picture
5.       Publish it either online (glogster, a blog, etc) or in print (make it a book, a newspaper article, journal, etc).
6.       Hand it in (or email me the URL) by____________________.
I created the following using an Iphone and skitch. Perhaps make yours a video presentation, use a telestrator app to annotate over video and publish online? There are endless ways to achieve the same results using regular digital cameras and a computer.