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Speed Dating: Review for Test

I have been enjoying reading Crazy Math Teacher Lady's blog a lot this year. This morning as I was perusing her latest posts, I read her post about speed dating as a way to mix up independent practice.

I read her blog post at 8:02 am and my first algebra class was at 8:40 am. I scrambled to pull things together, I didn't do other things I was supposed to do, but I avoided a boring class. Here are the cards (I hand wrote answers on the back on one set).

Students were invested in their problems.
I started the lesson by talking about how speed dating is an efficient way for people looking for that special someone to have better odds at finding a match. Speed dating in math is a good choice for test prep in the same way as they will be exposed to a wider variety of problems and have the benefit of their classmates' coaching.

For the how to on conducting this activity, check out Kate Nowak's directions here. Thank you Kate!

The students really got into the dating aspect of the course. There were many silly moments. I have to remind myself that if my resolution to have more fun and be more engaging, that I have to be willing to accept more out of turn talking.
Max decided to sit on the table to set the mood for his date.

I added to the giggles for sure: during lulls in the activity when we were waiting for some couples to conclude their date, I had the students ask each other stereotypical first date questions.

What's your sign?
Are you a cat person or a dog person?Do you like long walks on the beach?

 It would have been perfect (dare I say #TLAP) had I played Call me Maybe as they walked in.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention another variable thrown at us today: Power outage for 2 hours. Luckily this lesson needed no power (I had to scramble again for 5th period... computer labs need power).