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Zombie Grudge

Unlike my inspiration for class today, Mr. Kraft, I love doing review games! But I do get bored by doing the same ones over and over. 

My students got really into Zombie Grudge. I went low tech and wrote problems on cards, kept track of strikes on paper and displayed using the document camera. They were exposed to many different types of problems involving simplifying radicals and rationalizing denominators. Frankly, I think just using the mini white boards make them happy, but adding the elimination factor made it really fun. I was impressed by my students' abilities to have fun with this game without going too far and hurting feelings. Sure there were alliances and favoritism, but more importantly, there was fun and engagement. I try to have prizes for the winners on game days. Today the winners got to choose a prize from the grab bag. My grab bag is a bag of toys that my own kids (ages 2 and 4) get from the myriad of birthday parties we attend...