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Distance Formula and Midpoint Formula Scavenger Hunt

My resolution to have more fun in math continues. Today was a hit! While it was REALLY rushed, my students were troopers. After a short bit of direct instruction, introducing the distance formula (as an extension of Pythagorean)  and the midpoint formula, they were set loose to work through a problem set in pairs.

What made this a fun and engaging day, is that the answers to the problems corresponded with coordinates on a map of our school.
They worked quickly and accurately. They pealed out of class and ran outside to find my clues. This morning I hid 4 slips of paper, taped out sight, with riddles written on them. The answers to which were things that only my students would know. :)

I can't wait to do this again next year! Though I think I will dedicate one day to the lesson and the next to a longer, more difficult scavenger hunt.

Thank you to all my tweeps for the help and motivation to pull this lesson together, especially KateLisa and Pam

Prize Grab Bag

Working on the problem set.

Figuring out the riddle.