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File Cabinet!

Today's task - Surface Area.

We had more fun by using Mr. Stadel's lesson - File Cabinet. They had a post it to measure, rulers, paper and a calculator. They started by making a guess. Some of them got pretty close (960!)

My students are still not used to doing these types of tasks... their questions going into a 3 act tasks hint to a bit of insecurity in being asked to think outside the box, or outside the filing cabinet.

Still we got to the key question: How many Post-Its does it take to cover the filing cabinet?

Other questions:

"What did he spend on post its to do this?"
"How long did this take him?"
"Are you going to tell us how many squares inches is in a post it?"
"Does he have a life?" (Sorry Mr. Stadel)

Their answer: 936

"Does this mean if we take one post it and cut it up, it would cover all the spots he left blank?"



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  2. Great to see your students exploring surface area. Don't worry about that last question: "Does Mr. Stadel have a life?" Essentially, I interpret that question as "How long did it take?" and BAM! You have another task you could give your early finishers.

    1. Thank you for reading my post and for sharing your lessons. :)


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