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Taco Cart

I really like this task. I like spending the class period working on a worthy, layered task together.

My students, however, were not impressed:

"Why would I do this to when I'm on the beach?"

"I'd just find some place else to eat."

"You seriously want me to square that?!"

The issue is NOT with the task. The issue is that I am new to this way of teaching and despite my mantras on growth mindset and posters on grit, I am still having trouble getting them to work through failure. In every class I have a handful of fixed mindset, afraid to fail kids whose first response is that the task is too hard. I might be seeing the cup only as half empty. There were lots of students who dug in, overcame obstacles, collaborated with classmates and got the answer in triumph.

Is there a magic spell I can say to increase grit?

I love this blog post on grit and this video on grit, BTW.