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Day 76: Color Wars (again) to review properties of Exponents

After two days of unbloggable lessons in algebra (lecture and practice with negative exponents), we finally had the skills to play a game.

After our routine review of last night's homework, students took a skill quiz. They are getting used to the frequent assessments required by the shift to Standards Based Grading (though I did overhear, "Didn't we take an LTC yesterday?").

By the way, I purchased a folder holder over winter break, which highly enhanced my reassessment system.

Anyways, back to today. The kids love playing color wars. Once they are in groups, all I do is give problems on the document camera and run around the room. Class almost runs itself. I love the high energy, engaged kiddos, running around the classroom, good competitiveness, and overhearing kids discussing how to do math problems.

I changed the roles a bit this time around.