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EdcampLA and Sudent Blogging Action

I have gotten behind on updating my blog. I will get more into my excuses in my next post.

I know I am almost two weeks late, but I must join the bandwagon of those proclaiming the awesomeness of Edcamp. I went to EdCampLA on January 17th and ended up leading two discussions. My most recent experience giving a session at a conference had been presenting at UCLA Mathematics Department's Philip C. Curtis Jr. Center for Mathematics and Teaching Conference last February. It was a complete flop as I failed to consider that most of the attendees would not be lucky enough to work at schools with thriving 1:1 programs... #fail

So, I was quite nervous when I ended up leading a session on student blogging. Luckily, leading turned into co-leading with my friend Jed (@mathbutler), which turned into a friendly discussion with a great group of teachers across the curriculum and one administrator. 

I got to share my thoughts on blogging and show a few of my students' blog posts. It went well and I was buzzing with positive, edcampy energy afterwards. 

While we are on the subject of student blogging, here is our latest video blog prompt  for Algebra (they explain how to solve a system of equations) and a few of my favorite submissions:

Ben T.