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Factoring video blogs

My Algebra kiddos recently (well two weeks ago; it too me forever to get around to grading these) completed their how to videos on factoring. I assigned kids different problems. They create a presentation with the step by step solution and take a Jing video of their explanation.

I collect these via our LMS (Canvas) and grade them with a handy-dandy, clickable rubric. The rubric makes it easier, but grading 56 videos is still time consuming. Thankfully, it was rainy on Sunday so I had time.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Step 2: Solve your equation
Create a google presentation in which you add a step to your solution in a new slide. Use daum and save as a new image as you add the steps. Add hints, tips or define key terms using call outs, text boxes or arrows.
Step 3: Practice
Rehearse explaining your solution while you advance your presentation. This video should help other kids learn how to solve a polynomial equation.
Step 4: Video
Take a jing video of your presentation and of your voice explaining the problem. Be sure to only select the area of your screen that is your presentation and to record in a quiet space. This video should help other kids learn how to solve a polynomial equation, so use relevant vocabulary. Consider asking a friend to help and ask as your student as you teach him or her.
Step 5: Post your video on your blog
Write a 1 - 2 sentence introduction of the assignment and then embed your video below.