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Who has? I have!

Have I ever mentioned that I used to also teach history? It has been since 2008, and I have always also taught math, but in my former life as high school history teacher, my classes played a variety of games aimed at learning vocabulary. They don't always translate well to math, but this one does, so long as the problems are short and can be done without paper.

Step 1: Make a card set with the same number of cards as students (in classes with varying numbers of kids, some kids will hold two cards).

On each card, write a question: Who has _____?

Write the answer on another card: I have ____!

Be sure to put a star on card #1. The last answer goes on card #1.

Step 2: Explain the game to the students. Make them stand up when it is their turn. The first time will be slow. Not all students will be paying attention. There will be yelling... Assure them that it is normal for classes to not not quite understand how the game works the first time.

Step 3: After 1 round, collect the cards, shuffle, redistribute and play again. Time them.

Step 4: Play another round, time them and tell them it is a competition between your other classes. Allude to a prize that you may or may not actually intend to bring in.

Enjoy a fun, fast paced class. Wait for kids to beg you to play again. Be prepared to calm down the eager ones who yell at the not-so-eager for not paying attention. Hold yourself back from yelling, "I'm Spartacus!"