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Follow-Up to Human Cannonball

Way back on March 12, I started what I thought would be a 3 Act with blog summary activity to dig deeper into vertical motion

in my Algebra classes.

They watched a video of the Human Cannonball, we gathered questions and I gave them more information.

I will definitely do this again next year, but, as I often discover even though I have been teaching for an eternity, well 15 school years now, is that things always take longer than I plan for.

Converting units and being okay with pressing the sine button on the calculator required time, individual attention and counseling.

After that hurdle, most students were able to answer two questions (What is his maximum height and what is the height of the net) and summarize their results on their blogs.

Check out what Lucas published.

Entirely valid way to collect time data.
Question gathering ahead of Act 2