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Digital Portfolio Update - Geometry Vlogs

Here are a few of my favorite student video blogs. I assigned each kid a different proof from our book to demonstrate.









Tips for making video blogs and embedding

1. Must be typed, including diagram, symbols and tick mark notation (I suggest using Google Drive's Drawing App)
  • Must have decent "watchability"
    • Copy/Paste diagram and proof into slides of a presentation, adding a new step on each slide (make sure diagram is always visible)
    • Energetic Explanation
    • NEVER type out reasons as you talk...
    • add tick marks as your prove congruencies
2. Must use a screen capture tool like jing that will record your voice and your typed completion of the proof
  • Practice. Find a way to inject humor and energy into this video. I have to grade like 50 of them. Make yours pop!
  • Remember that you can pause jing
3. Must be embedded in your blog - control the size of the embed 750 x 750 ish is great
4. As always, creative title and 3-4 sentence introduction/reflection that describes the assignment and what you learned from the experience
5. You may only use theorems and definitions we had at the time of your proof - example if your problem is from 4.3 - you may NOT use the equidistant theorem.