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Finally Fun in Geometry (Days 50 & 53)

Last Wednesday was fun thanks to an early morning lesson reboot. Usually in Geometry I give the following directions on a review day:

 "Do these review problems with a partner and ask for help as needed."  

Instead, I copied the same problems on separate papers to quickly make a game of Solve Crumple Toss (it went well in Algebra; again thank you to Kate for the idea). The goal, reviewing key topics from chapter 4 (diagram-less proofs, detour proofs, perpendicular bisectors, coordinate geometry, oh my!), was the same. The execution made for a much more engaging, dare I say fun, class.

Today's reboot was not last minute (go me!), because earlier this month I saw Julie's blog post about Jessica's Dance-Dance-Transversal idea. Then Justin tweeted that Kate posted the power point and I was set! I love the Mtbos!

Anywho, the kiddos had fun dancing and everyone knows their angle relationships.

I am no longer feeling bad about my geometry class being boring... well at least not today. I still need to reboot more lessons from the first few chapters, but that can be filed for next year's growth. :)