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Day 47: Transversal Tape in Geometry

Geometry continues to be the class that isn't fun.

Don't get me wrong, I have a great rapport with my students and we laugh a lot in class. I tell stories. We have lots of inside jokes. I also try to mind their social-emotional wellness. We discuss mantras that promote growth mindsets and I lead them in mindful meditations and stretching from time to time.

Oh, and they get to create and reflect via their math blogs.

Still, not a lot of games or prizes. No Zombie Grudge.

Today was enhanced a bit: they got out of their seats to do Andrew's Transversals, Tape and Stickies.

I am looking forward to trying Jessica's Dance, Dance, Transversal the week before Thanksgiving.

Not to be repetitive, but 135 forty minute class sessions each year to teach a rigorous, proof based course AND have fun is a challenge... but I can fit it in. Engaging lessons are not optional just because my students are highly motivated and have decent attention spans. When I am losing steam and in doubt, I return to the mission statement: we are aiming for the  joyful pursuit of educational excellence.