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Forgot to have fun in Geometry (Day 39)

So last year I began making a concerted effort to have fun in class... and while I made clear progress on that front in Algebra, I have been less successful in geometry. Yes, my geometry students create digital portfolios and complete engaging projects and tasks. Yes they use geogebra....
...but we don't play enough.

It is quite evident that they desire to do so. I have a handful of students this year in geometry that had me last year for algebra. These kids are wondering when we are going to play zombie grudge and I am giving them lessons that look like this:

That agenda just screams fun!

Remember my excuse to be boring though. With our school's schedule I only have 135 class sessions that are 40 minutes each. That has to cover a rigorous proof based course (We use Geometry: for Enjoyment and Challenge) and allow time for assessments. My colleagues are regularly confounded that I have any time to blog, use geogebra, or generally do anything other than teach, review homework and allow time for practice.

Still... I know I am not doing right by them if class is not engaging and a little fun.

Our school recently rewrote its mission statement and I really like that it calls for the "joyful pursuit of excellence."
So with that, yesterday (Day 39 of the school year), mid way through my boring agenda, I made a small change of plans. It wasn't much, but simply by dividing the practice problems up and having pairs of students prepare to present them made it more interesting.

A quick google search revealed this fun random name generator to use to select the order of the presentations. 

It wasn't my best lesson but it was better than last year. #growth

I also made a promise to play zombie grudge, jeopardy or taboo soon. I want to do my part to fulfill my school's mission and make learning #joyful.