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Geometry Video Blogs

I think my favorite outcome of the 1:1 program at our school is the ability for our students to make videos. I assign each of them a different proof, they recreate the diagram and explain it using jing. This assignment gets them to master a proof enough to teach it. I would assign this even if my students didn't create individual blogs, however, I love how these posts punctuate their portfolios as interactive, comprehensive examples of their learning.

 If you are thinking about assigning something like this to your students, take a look at my Video Blog Tips.Here is one of my favorite's from this most recent round for proving triangles congruent. The prompt is below the video.

You can also see it on Denise's blog here.

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The Prompt:

Video Blog Post Requirements
1. Must be typed, including diagram, symbols and tick mark notation (I suggest using Google Drive's Drawing App)
  • Use "reveal rectangle"
  • Put each new step in a new slide in a presentation
2. Must use a screen capture tool like jing that will record your voice and your typed completion of the proof
3. Must be embedded in your blog
4. As always, creative title and 1-2 sentence introduction 

Acceptable options: Ipad apps Explain Everything or bContext. Using these apps, your proof set up and diagrams must still by typed, but you are allowed to ink in the body of the proof using a stylus. I would pause while you are writing, to make the video a little shorter....