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Student Digital Portfolio Update: Time Lapse Videos 2015

Just like last year, the  Vi Hart inspired Time Lapse Video project was a favorite among students and for me. My students remarked in their end of year assessments that they liked the creative aspect. I enjoyed seeing their creative side and the simple truth that fast videos are much more pleasurable to grade when you're grading 56 of them.

Throughout the year, one of my key teaching goals has been to teach to our school's recently revised mission statement. The examples below put the joy into "joyful pursuit of educational excellence." :)

Caity's Blog

Kendall's Blog

Bella's Blog

  Maddy's Blog

  Brigid's Blog

I couldn't get the video from Angie's Blog or Bianca's Blog to embed, but you can watch it on their blogs... and you should because they made great videos.