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Linear Programming Bloject aka Shark Tank

It is late. This blog post is only going to be adequate.

I like linear programming. I just do. It just seems so practical and reasonable and Linear!  Last year I improved a class activity. My old activity was a handout on which I created parameters about a fabled farm for students to analyze. It wasn't terrible. However, the new task has students creating a business in which they research and set constraints according to their idea. Guess which one is more engaging and fun for 8th graders...

This year I scaffolded the project a bit with a day dedicated to have students work with their business partners on their Business Plan before jumping into the project. I also added a bit of competition by calling the project Shark Tank. The groups with the best plans would earn my "investment."  I never did find the quintessential, short clip to show from the show, so feel free to link to your favorites in the comments. :)

Link to prompt

Here are a few of my favorite student submissions:

Angie & Bryce: